Arla Casein 90% (Denmark) - Night Protein - 2lbs

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  • Night Protein
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  • Pure single ingredient 100% Casein (Calcium Caseinate)
  • Zero Fillers
  • No artificial sweetener, color or flavor.
  • Pure high quality imported ingredient from Denmark (Arla is one of the top 5 global milk processors).
  • Night Protein
  • Slow digesting and sustained protein release (provides protein supply to the muscles for up to 8 hours)
  • Excellent choice for bedtime nutrition.

  • Flavoured variants are 100% Aspartame free
  • Flavoured variants have added flavour imported from Switzerland, Chocolate powder from Turkey and Sucralose from United Kingdom, thus assuring to deliver our customers with the most premium quality product.

 Per Scoop of 30 gms has:

- 27.5 gms Casein Protein -

- 6 gms BCAA (Leucine, Iso-leucine, Valine) -

- 6 gms L-Glutamine -

- Zero Lactose -

- Zero trans fat -



A superior formula should have an equally superior taste.

Each delicious serving is 100% Aspartame FREE.
We use the most premium & safest sweetener - Sucralose, which is imported from UK & our flavours are imported from Switzerland from world's no.1 flavour manufacturer.

Convenient 2 lbs bags means you can split flavours and taste the range when you buy in bulk.
Find out for yourself what protein should taste like.


Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) is a method of evaluating the protein quality based on both the amino acid requirements of humans and their ability to digest it. (Learn more about PDCAAS at Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/PDCAAS)

Arla Casein has PDCAA score of perfect 1, which is highest possible score, thus its very easily digestable.

Calcium Caseinate is a biologically-unique grade of protein derived from milk, and is low in fat, lactose and sodium. It boasts an impressive nutritional profile that is naturally rich in amino acids, protein and calcium.

Nutrimed™ Healthcare Calcium Caseinate is a premium, slow-release protein source that is the perfect choice for a pre-bedtime shake. A 30g serving provides 27.5g of slow digesting protein, which ensures a steady and sustained supply of amino acids to your muscles throughout the night, preventing catabolism (muscle wastage).

Despite having the same high quality rating as traditional whey isolates, Calcium Caseinate is more slowly utilised based on its coagulating properties. This slow digestion process allows the body to absorb more of the amino acids and peptides, while offering a steady and prolonged supply of nitrogen to muscle tissues. The slow-release makes Calcium Caseinate a great choice of protein before bed or when one knows they may not be consuming a high protein meal/supplement for at least a few hours.

Perhaps the most striking difference between Whey and Casein is the rate of digestion and absorption into the body. After consuming Whey Protein there is a rapid rise in levels of blood amino acids which returns to baseline in approximately 2 hours. Casein, however, coagulates in the stomach, forming a curd, and is digested far more slowly, leading to a more moderate rise in blood amino acids that is sustained for up to 7 hours.
So in terms of muscle hypertrophy, Whey can be considered a 'fast protein' promoting protein synthesis .
Calcium Caseinate would however be classified as a ‘slow protein’, slowing the breakdown of protein to the extent that it is ‘anti-catabolic’.

IDEAL TIME TO TAKE CASEIN: Before going to sleep

DIRECTIONS: Simply mix 30 gms (1 scoop) in 200-250 ml water/skim milk and blend it using Shaker or electric blender until you have a smooth shake. Take 1-2 times per day daily for best results.

ORIGIN: Denmark, Europe

FLAVOURS: Unflavored, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Kesar Pista Badam, Butterscotch

PACKING: Repacked in 2 lbs polybag from 20 kg bulk original bag.

SERVINGS: 30 servings per packet

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